Guidance and Award Scheme

IMG_5170 (Custom)The school aims at leading students to knowing themselves better and caring about others. Student Counsellor Scheme motivates senior students to understand and care about F.1 students, helping them adapt to the secondary school life and cultivating in them a sense of belonging to school.

Teachers care very much about the growth of students and work closely with the school social workers to help students solve personal problems. Regarding career mapping, workshops and talks are regularly organized to help students understand their interest and ability better and provide them with information and counseling about careers and studies. Concerning sex education, through individual counseling and seminars, the importance of chastity is stressed and good manners and right attitudes towards the opposite sex are instilled into students.

Carmel Pak U Award Scheme has been implemented in order to guide students to balanced development and motivate them to participate in academic, moral, religious and extra-curricular activities. Students are expected to develop their potential to the full and attain balanced growth by enjoying the colourful school life.