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IMG_9473 (Mobile)Computer Society

Computer Society is formed by computer enthusiasts. Different kinds of computer activities and competitions will be held.



IMG_9376 (Mobile)English Society

The English Society aims at helping students to improve their English. Many activities such as English Days and drama tours will be held every year.


IMG_8673 (Mobile)History Society

History Society aims at nurturing students’ interest in learning history and respect for different cultures. Civic pride and knowledge of history and culture of our city, the mainland and other parts of the world will also be instiled in students. History Society organizes activities such as Chinese lantern riddles and different kinds of tours.


DSCN2076 (Mobile)Mathematics Society

Mathematics Society aims at nurturing students’ interest in mathematics. Activities like Ken Ken Puzzles will be organzied and prizes like book coupons will be given.


IMG_2516 (Mobile)Science Society

Many students are keen on joining Science Society, which aims at motivating students to apply scientific knowledge in their daily life through different science activities.


IMG_9162 (Mobile)Social Science Society

Social Science Society organizes activities such as trips to Mai Po and Monopoly in order to let students understand our city better from the geographical, economic and environmental protection perspective.