Basic Information

School Information

Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee
Mr. Wu Ting Pang, Sunny
Principal Mr. Wong Wai Keung
School Type Aided; Co-ed
Year of Commencement of Operation 1979
Name of Sponsoring Body Evangelical School Development Incorporation Limited
School Motto Self-discipline through the understanding of the Word, Service to mankind through faithfulness to the Lord.
Religion Christianity
School Size About 8000 Sq. M
Has the Incorporated
Management Committee
been established?
Parent-Teacher Association Yes
Student Union Yes
School Alumni Association Yes

Information of Teaching Staff (including School Head)

No. of teachers in approved establishment
No. of teachers not included in approved establishment 4
Total 60

Qualifications and professional training (% of Teachers)

Teacher Certificate /Diploma in Education
Bachelor Degree 97%
Master / Doctorate Degree or above 62%
Special Education Training 23%

Working Experiences (% of Teachers)

0 – 4 years
5 – 9 years 25%
≥10 years 72%

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