School Life

Secondary One Admission & Healthy School Life

Secondary One Admission

Our school will accept discretionary places.
1. The rank order provided by EDB
2. Academic performance, conduct and participation in extra-curricular activities
3. Interview
4. Family members of our students, alumni or staff will be specially considered
Our school will participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System through central allocation stage (Applicable for admission to S1 in September 2015).

Orientation Activities and Healthy Life

Orientation Activities:
1. English Bridging Programs
2. Welcome Day and Activity Day

Healthy Life:
1. Plenty of activities for students to enjoy a healthy school life
2. Talks to promote healthy life

School Characteristics

School Management

School’s Key Concerns:
School theme of the year: Climb Every Mountain

School Organization:
In light of the Bible (Luke 2:52), four committees, namely, Academic Affairs, Discipline & Moral Education, Religious Activities, and Extra-curricular Activities, are formed to develop students in wisdom, in stature, and in favour with God and men. Guidance and Award Scheme Committee is set up to guide students in balanced growth and acknowledge their attainments through the Award Scheme.

School Green Policy:
1. Campus planted with lots of trees and flowers
2. To promote green school life with the help of Class Association and Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors

Learning and Teaching Plan

Whole-school Language Policy:
1. English as the medium of instruction
2. To emphasize biliterate and trilingual proficiency

Learning & Teaching Strategies:
1. To organize a great variety of academic activities
2. To join a wide range of academic competitions outside the school so as to broaden students’ horizons and enhance peer learning

Development of Key Tasks:
1. Reading to Learn: A wide range of programs are organized to promote reading, e.g., reading schemes, book recommendations, talks by writers.
2. Information Technology for Interactive Learning: Information technology is effectively applied in learning and teaching.
3. Project Learning: Appropriate amount of projects are assigned to assist learning. We join a great variety of project competitions
4. Moral and Civic Education: We promote moral and civic education through assemblies. We guide students to care about the
country and serve the community through Prefect Team and Community Youth Club.

Student Support

Whole School Approach to Catering for Student Diversity:
1. To motivate students’ participation in academic, moral, religious, and extra-curricular activities through our Carmel Pak U Award Scheme
2. Enhancement programs for high-achievers and low achievers
3. To cater for the special needs of students through Student Support Team
4. To create a caring campus ethos through Student Counsellor Scheme

Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and Assessment:
We have suitable amount of tests and examinations to motivate students. Awards are given to students who have attained prescribed standards.

School Facilities:
1. Recreation facilities: 3 basketball courts, a badminton court, a mini-football field, running tracks, a fitness room
2. Information technology facilities: schoolwide broadband and wireless network, a computerized library and multi-media learning center, a language laboratory, and a design laboratory, etc.