PTA, which aims to strengthen the cooperation between parents and the school and foster the relationship between parents and teachers and among parents, was founded in 1997. Schooling and parenting work in close collaboration on building a better Christian school and students’ balanced life. Parents have been supportive of PTA and thus helped its growth.

PTA organizes various family activities such as day camps, visits to Chinese white dolphins, Adventure activities and tours to the countryside. In response to Committe on Home-School Cooperation, activities organized in recent years and well received by parents aim at parent education.

The school encourages parents to actively participate in school activities in order that they could experience students’ school life. The school regularly organizes seminars and publishes yearly PTA newsletters. PTA has also established a scholarship given to outstanding students and provided recreational facilities for students.

PTA works closely with the school social workers and organizes different workshops for parents.

It is hoped that PTA would further strengthen the cooperation and collaboration between parents and teachers in the years to come.

The PTA Constitution (Chinese version only)

The emblem of PTA designed by our alumna, Ms Lam Man Yung, symbolizes effort of parents and teachers to foster the growth of students.

8-11-2013 家長研討晚會(中一學科概況PowerPoint)